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Traditional Professional Tattoo 20pcs/lot 7M1 Needles For Permanent Eyebrow and Lip Makeup Machine
Item ID #WMZ-7M1
List Price: $33.00€31.02£26.57AU$42.97CA$43.20S$46.79฿1155.00
Price: $18.90€17.77£15.21AU$24.61CA$24.74S$26.80฿661.50
Quantity: Unit(s)
Product details
Material:Senior non-toxic plastic
Packing:independent packing 
Description:Eyebrow tattoo a body acupuncture features and performance: 
* needle tip and the one-time conjoined design health standards; 
* which USES 316 B needlepoint steel toughness good color fast; 
* the use of special needle tip wear out the silent material smoothly; 
* built-in gb 316 spring scalability is strong; 
* built-in fitting fixed card slot for a long time to use needle won't swing; 
* elegant appearance generous handshake spiritual design comfortable to use; 
* needle mouth model with tattoo similar secant play fog is not restricted 
* with the needle operation can save you time to decrease the pain completely; 
* with the needle can hold ten minutes holding grain supercilium body field coloring technology; 
G new needle is mainly used for small shell eyebrow tattoo special advantage no cross infection, can not be reused. 

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