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12pcs 1211M1"TURBO" Disposable Cartridges Best Needle For Professional Tattoo Artist
Item ID #YTZ004-1211M1
List Price: $58.00€54.52£46.69AU$75.52CA$75.92S$82.24฿2030.00
Price: $28.00€26.32£22.54AU$36.46CA$36.65S$39.70฿980.00
Quantity: Unit(s)
***This Cartridges with good quality, it can fit to Cheyenne Hawk well.
***Performance: Test by many Professional tattoo artist in China, Won a good reputation.
***TIP: Made from Highest plastic, To ensure each tip is safe and un-breakable.
***NEEDLE: 316L stainless steel premium quality needles.
***Individually packaged with expiry date and lot number.
***EO gas sterilized with indicator in each individual blister pack.
***CE Standard Processing.
***Each cartridge with BLUE-STERILED-CARD.
Welcome to order it from Luckybuybox Tattoo Supply.
Also support OEM, have any question, please contact with our sales.

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